Learning with Wessex Archaeology is an exciting way to explore science, literacy, technology the arts and history using archaeology.


Schools and Groups

Our menu of school sessions is founded in cross-curricular learning. We believe that archaeology is an exciting stimulus to enhance young people’s exploration of science, literacy, technology, the arts and history.


At Wessex Archaeology we promote experiential learning, allowing young people to explore archaeology for themselves, with minimal influence. ‘Show and tell’ is the polar opposite of our pedagogy; we enable young people to explore and feel.

All our sessions offer young people the opportunity to empathetically engage with people in the past through hands on exploration of archaeological artefacts.

Our multimodal sessions use genuine artefacts excavated by us, supported by 3D prints, 3D models and dressing up!

School children learning about baking Students learning about human remains and archaeology School children learning about archaeology and heritage

Loan Boxes

Wessex Archaeology loan boxes are unique. As well as beautiful archaeology, excavated by us, all our loan boxes contain 3D prints, environmental samples and dressing up equipment.

3D prints enable young people to explore the science of materials in a whole new way, comparing and contrasting cutting edge 21st century technology with genuine artefacts.

All our loan boxes contain supporting information to enable teachers to be empowered and relate the contents to science and literacy learning aims.

We encourage young people to empathetically engage with our loan boxes, considering who owned, used and left the objects behind.

School Loan Boxes from Wessex Archaeology


Wessex Archaeology has a dedicated team of STEM Ambassadors. Our STEM team brings experience in a variety of roles in archaeology, geography, geology and physics to inspire young people to explore science through archaeology.

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