A large rectangular enclosure was found on a different alignment to the pits and roundhouses. It has distinctive strong straight lines and almost perfect right angles, completely different to the undulating outlines of the roundhouses. The enclosure crosses diagonally over the pit, cutting through the first features from the Iron Age. Because the new feature lies on top of the previous ones, we know it is the most recent. Although few finds were uncovered to help with dating the feature, a single piece of Roman pottery was found in one of the ditches. Combining this with the sharp angles and straight lines points towards a Romano-British date.

Roman enclosure discovered at HS2 Coleshill

Roman bow brooch

Cast copper alloy Roman “bow” brooch from the 1st century AD. The fragment was found in a part of the enclosure that kept live stock. The brooch has a rear facing hook on the back and a distinctive arching shape on the front. It has been made in an East Anglian style so must have travelled a large distance to end up at Coleshill.

Roman trumpet brooch

Found in the same enclosure as the previous brooch, this piece is in the trumpet style. The trumpet style brooches have open ends and tubes that look like trumpets. They are usually heavy and highly decorated.