The Archaeology at Heathrow T5 website has been launched today by Framework Archaeology. It allows you to follow the story of the site, from the distant forests of the old stone age, to the ultra-modern terminal buildings of today. 3D visualisations and animations show how we think it may have looked, and how people might have lived.
For those wanting more detailed information, we have provided a suite of specialist reports for download, and a discussion about the different landscapes that evolved through time. Those who wish to find out exactly what was found, and where, can download our custom-built GIS, called the “Framework Freeviewer” and digitally dig into the site.
Archaeology at Heathrow T5 also provides RSS feeds for those who wish to subscribe to the site and keep track of any changes or new information.
Archaeology at Heathrow T5 was funded by BAA.

About Framework Archaeology

Framework Archaeology is a joint venture of Wessex Archaeology and Oxford Archaeology set up to work at BAA airports. Since 1998 we have undertaken large excavations at Heathrow Terminal 5 and Stansted. In addition we have carried out archaeological evaluations and smaller excavations at Gatwick, Southampton and Edinburgh airports.