Contemporary artists Frances Hatch and Joanna Lloyd visited Wessex Archaeology’s Salisbury headquarters this week to discuss how their work could benefit from collaboration with us.
Frances, who creates landscape paintings from materials found on the landscape surface, is interested in expanding her practice to incorporate materials found below ground. She has therefore been talking to our environmental specialists about how she could use borehole and monolith soil samples that are no longer needed, together with their associated archaeological records. Her work can be seen at
Joanna is a glass artist who is interested in archaeological textures. She currently produces work based upon casts of archaeological surfaces, for example an excavated Tudor brick wall. She came to discuss how her work might be expanded to include casting the texture of borehole cores and ship and aircraft wreck material, both on the seabed and in our finds stores. Joanna’s work can be seen at
By Graham Scott, Senior Archaeologist/Dive Superintendent