Today was the final day on site at Buckler's Hard. Matt and I had an early start so we could get the last bits of recording done before Rob the machine driver arrived to backfill. The tide was extremely low when we arrived and we could see the slipway running almost into the centre of the river.

Once we were happy that we had all the information we needed Rob started backfilling the main trenches. This not only stops anyone hurting themselves by falling into any of excavations it will also help protect what we have found.

However we have left the areas we cleared around the slipway open. It is hoped that more of the slipway can be cleared back. This will  stop the grass and vegetation from damaging the concrete and also allow it to be part of the visitor's experience to Buckler's Hard. A vivid reminder of the history of the site in WWII and the 1950's.

At Wessex Archaeology we would like to say a big thank you to the staff at Buckler's Hard, all the volunteers and to James Brown from the New Forest Remembers project who made this an enjoyable and exciting dig.