Wendy and Avril wrote today's Buckler's Hard blog.

First job today –bailing out yesterday’s waterfall - buckets and sponges at the ready. Very grateful for today’s sunshine which helped to dry things out, including the masses of iron and copper nails  - enough to open our own hardware store.

An interesting talk from Naomi at lunch break on a variety of finds.

A most enjoyable day in a beautiful location.


This is a Festival of British Archaeology Event funded by the New Forest Park Authority as part of their World War II Remembers Project. To find out how you can visit the dig, read our event webpages http://www.wessexarch.co.uk/beaulieu-estate/new-forest-national-park.

Keep checking this events blog to find out what we discover over the Festival of British Archaeology (July 14th to July 22nd).