Today's entry was written by our work experience student Daisy.

Day 8 at Buckler’s Hard, and today with the sun shining down on us for most of the day, we continued our good progress and dug deeper into the trenches to reveal the layers below. In the trenches showing the slipway we discovered the cables which may once have been used to haul the ships up onto the land, as well as some scrap metal and the stem of a clay pipe and a blue marble, perhaps for when the shipbuilders wanted to take a break and indulge in a game of marbles.

We were able to clean and reveal a previously obscured part of the slipway immediately before the river. We also set to work cleaning and defining yet more of the concrete platform.

This is a Festival of British Archaeology Event funded by the New Forest Park Authority as part of their World War II Remembers Project. To find out how you can visit the dig, read our event webpages

Keep checking this events blog to find out what we discover over the Festival of British Archaeology (July 14th to July 22nd).