Wessex Archaeology’s Sheffield office has an ever increasing core of dedicated cyclists. We are based at Sheaf Bank Business Park in Heeley, which has an good sized bike shed and with all Wessex staff eligible for the bike2work scheme, we encourage all our 80 staff to commute by bike, which has never been easier or more affordable.

We believe that companies should encourage their staff to be active through cycling or other pursuits as not only does this increase general fitness and health, but crucially improves mental wellbeing in what can be a demanding work environment. Cycling significantly reduces congestion on the roads and is often the fastest way to traverse Sheffield; arriving at work by bike as opposed to sitting in traffic for an hour puts me in a far better frame of mind to tackle the day’s challenges.

Wessex Archaeology believes strongly in having a cycling champion; a person who can encourage staff to take up active pursuits and leave their cars behind. Patrick Daniel is Wessex Archaeology’s northern cycling champion and Patrick is currently putting a business plan in place to buy an electric bike for the office. An electric bike would reduce the need for staff to drive to local meetings and introduce cycling to people who may be reluctant to adopt purely pedal-powered transport.

Sheffield is a congested and polluted city and more organisations encouraging active travel can only benefit the city and its people. Reducing traffic would improve air quality, reduce stress and improve the health and wellbeing of all Sheffield residents and workers.

By Andy Norton, Regional Director North