As often happens when we ask questions, we haven’t received answers… just more questions! Instead of revealing the outline of an enclosure, which would have told us ‘Yes’ there is a settlement here, or revealing nothing, our geophysics results have left us wondering what was going on where the cauldrons were found.

In the field where the site was located a plethora of anomalies have shown up. These are the scatter of dark spots in the picture. The cauldrons excavation took place within the square outlined in blue. Given how close the anomalies are to where the cauldrons were found it is quite possible that a good number of these are pits.
On the south side of the field boundary there is much less activity. The dark spots in this field represent a different sort of anomaly. They are probably horse shoes and other iron farming objects that have ended up in the field. If you take a good look at the south west corner, however, you will see a faint circle. On the ground this circle would be 25 metres across. It could be a ploughed-out barrow or a timber circle.
I hope you enjoy taking a look at the results… but I have a word of advice. Don’t stare at them too long. After awhile the image starts looking like a ‘Magic Eye’ picture, and shapes start appearing all over the place.