So how did you do identifying the finds decorating
our e-card Christmas Tree?
For the football fans amongst you;
This exquisite gold Anglo-Saxon pendant, with filigree decoration and a number of garnets, is from excavations at St Mary's football stadium site in Southampton. This is just one of the many grave goods that were discovered throughout this exceptionally rich cemetery site.
For the jewellery lovers:
There were also several Saxon broaches including this gilded bronze saucer brooch which was found in a late 5th - 6th century grave at Market Lavington, Wiltshire. Originally the gilding would have completely covered the surface of the brooch.
For Roman aficionado’s:
Finally the figure at the top of our tree is a Roman bone hairpin representing Amor the god of love, or Cupid as we commonly call him. This rare artefact was discovered during work at the former County Hospital site in Dorchester, which you can find out more about here.
Did you get full marks?