Following the success of project SAMPHIRE we are happy to announce the launch of a new community project in partnership with RCAHMS, called project "COALIE" (Coastal Archaeological Landscapes: Intertidal & Estuarine).
This survey project will focus on the coastal and marine heritage of the North Ayrshire coast between Largs and Ardrossan. We will be investigating sites such as: abandoned harbours, beacons, shipwrecks and fishtraps.
Coastal archaeology is underwater for much of the time so is difficult to interpret without both detailed historical research and local knowledge. That is why the specialists from WA Coastal & Marine and RCAHMS will be working alongside local individuals and community groups.
We want to hear from you
If you know of sites or have recovered finds from the Outer Clyde area that you would like us to help you interpret, please get in touch. We’re particularly interested in shipwrecks, lost harbours, old fishtraps and sites or finds from along the North Ayrshire coastline.
To find out more about project COALIE follow this link
To learn more about the sister project SAMPHIRE click here