Yesterday members of the Datchet Village Society visited Kingsmead Quarry, Horton and were taken on a tour of the working quarry and the current archaeological excavations. Liz Young (CEMEX) and Adrian Havercroft (The Guildhouse Consultancy) were on hand to explain aspects of the quarry and how archaeology fits within the planning process. Andrew Manning and Alistair Barclay (Wessex Archaeology) provided a brief introduction to the excavations and an overview of the archaeological discoveries that have been made over the last 10 years.
The visitors were then taken on a tour of the current archaeological excavations by site director John Powell. They saw first-hand the excavation of a human burial, another feature full of prehistoric worked flint and the remains of field and enclosure ditches of probable Bronze Age and later date. The tour provided the opportunity to examine some freshly excavated finds and to engage in many lively discussions about geese, gravel and archaeology.