As our Coastal & Marine team investigate the mysterious shipwreck itself, Dunwich Museum are hosting family days and a special exhibition about the town’s fascinating maritime past.

The special exhibition celebrates local avocational diver and member of the original team that discovered the 16th century wreck, Stuart Bacon, who dedicated years to searching for the lost city of Dunwich. 

In his search he discovered the shipwreck and recovered one of the impressive bronze cannons that is on display at the museum.

The museum is hosting family activity days for children and adults alike! 

Thursday 22 August, 11.30am-4.30pm    

Wednesday 28 August, 11.30am-4.30pm

Donations are welcomed.

Come and see us at the museum this week and find out more about how Stuart’s work has led to the protection of our wonderful heritage sites. The only retrieved cannon from the shipwreck is on display, as are many other artifacts that have been found in the depths.

We’ll also be keeping up-to-date with what the archaeologists are finding during the next week, and we are excited to know more about this important local treasure.

Jane Hamilton, Dunwich Museum Manager