Over the last week we have been putting some of our company drivers through an eco-driving package. This is a style of driving that not only improves road safety, but also causes less damage to the planet and the air we breathe by reducing vehicle emissions. Transport currently accounts for 20% of all air pollution emissions worldwide.
Eco-driving is not about going slower, but about making more efficient use of the gears, and avoiding the unnecessary acceleration and braking which waste fuel. It involves improving one’s skills in defensive driving and hazard perception, requiring better awareness, anticipation and planning. 
Staff who have completed the eco-driving package (part of our continuing investment in staff training) have noticed a real difference resulting from their improved vehicle control and better route planning. Most of them increased their fuel efficiency from under 50mpg before the training, to over 60mpg after it, which makes a very positive impact on our Co2 footprint.