We have just updated our ALSF Wrecks on the Seabed website to cover round two of the project. You can find out about how we survey wrecks, our diving operations, and see underwater photos and videos from the wrecks themselves.

The Wrecks on the Seabed project tests ways of assessing and evaluating wreck sites. The work will help us understand the effects of marine aggregate dredging on shipwrecks. The project is funded by the Aggregate Levy Sustainabilty Fund (ALSF).

You can find out about the 14 wrecks that we have dived on. These are mainly of 19th and 20th century date and lie off the south coast of England. You can also find out about the methods we used to survey the wrecks.

You will need the free QuickTime player to view the movies, and a broadband connection is recommended. There is some fantastic footage filmed by our divers and by an “ROV” - a small remote controlled submarine. They can be found on the wrecks pages, which are linked from the map.