My name is Laurence Whiting; I am a student at Canterbury Christ Church University studying for a degree in Archaeology and American Studies. During my degree I chose a module which has led me to a placement with Wessex Archaeology.

It may be cliché, my work placement in Wessex Archaeology’s Maidstone office has been valuable in a way I would not have previously thought. Even though I have barely scratched the surface of what it is like working in an office within the archaeological field, I truly feel it has helped me and will continue to help me discover what I want to pursue as a career after university.
My time here at the office has been spent looking at social media within the archaeological field, and making comparisons between archaeological organisations and then presenting my research. While my tasks here may not have been indicative of what it is really like to work within the field; being around the other members of the team, I have had a great chance to see what their work is like. Everybody has been friendly to me during my time here and I haven’t been made to feel that I’m out of place; considering the type of work I was doing and being a student, rather than an employee. 
I am very grateful for the opportunity, so a big thanks to everybody at Wessex Archaeology Maidstone and to those who guided me through the project.
By Laurence Whiting