The Wessex Archaeology Coastal & Marine department have welcomed a new member of staff. Kerree Kendall joins the team in Salisbury as an Archaeologist, responsible for the excavation and recording of foreshore and offshore archaeological sites. 

Since 2012 I have been working as a terrestrial archaeologist with multiple companies across the country. I have worked on a wide range of projects from large complex urban sites in London, such as Bloomsburg (temple of Mithras) and Shakespeare’s theatre (The Stage), to small scale rural projects, such as field systems in Gold Hanger, Essex, and Saxon burials in Little Paxton, St. Neots. Whilst working in London I gained experience on foreshore sites such as Chambers Wharf, Sugar Quay and Arundel, where I spent the majority of my time dedicated to the excavation, recording and removal of timbers

I also volunteered with Poole Museum for two years during and after my MSc, where I assisted the learning officer with day-to-day activities involving ongoing and future outreach projects run by the museum. Alongside this, I volunteered as a researcher for the Maritime Archaeological Trust with their Forgotten Wrecks project. Both helped to steer my career towards coastal and maritime archaeology.

I am very happy to join the Coastal & Maritime team and I am looking forward to helping the team whilst developing my career within this sector.”

We wish Kerree the best of luck in her new role at Wessex Archaeology.