Wessex Archaeology South is celebrating the acquisition of a new storage space in The Bluestone Centre at Solstice Park, Amesbury! 

After much planning, this new space will be used to store finds for our Coastal & Marine department (C&M). It is a newly constructed unit of over 1000sq feet with mezzanine storage of over 500sq feet and a lease of 6 years. 

The space will hold water tanks for ships timbers, cannon and other large finds as well as smaller wet and/or dirty finds currently stored at the southern Portway office. C&M is hoping to transfer its finds in the next few months, leaving the current space for the continual storage of C&M’s dry, clean finds and diving gear as well as equipment for Geoservices and Community Engagement.

This new unit enables more control over storage conditions as well as expanding our capacity for the storage, conservation and recording of finds.

By Maddy Gilbert, Communications & Marketing Manager