The weather continued to be hot and sunny as the team embarked on the third day of the excavation. The morning was spent on site continuing the work begun yesterday and by lunchtime fourteen postholes had been excavated and were in the process of being recorded. Some of the features excavated were very shallow, no deeper than 10cm, whilst others proved to be more impressive at around 40cm deep. Some had large flint stones pushed in around the edge of the cut, placed there in order to support the posts that would originally have filled the holes. Currently no structures have been identified but further work and excavation should help us understand the purpose of these postholes.

In the afternoon pottery specialist Matt Leivers from Wessex Archaeology gave a seminar on prehistoric pottery, illustrated with real examples from the archaeological record. This will help the team to recognise and gain information from any pottery found on site. After this, Martin Green gave a demonstration of flint knapping techniques. He produced two handaxes, a scraper, a borer and a leaf arrowhead all within the space of an hour!

During the afternoon the site was extended by machine, in order to give us a wider area to work in over the next two and a half weeks. We will not know for sure what archaeology has been found until the area has been cleaned and excavated, however several promising looking patches have begun to appear.