The Project Florence road show went on tour this February. Visiting local venues to tell people about Op Nightingale and the Barrow Clump excavation, the team spoke to over 530 local residents.

Visitors were given the opportunity to handle replica Saxon artefacts, take part in several children’s activities and watch the Project Florence DVD Operation Nightingale: Time Warriors. Free copies of the DVD were given away, as were activity sheets and postcards showing images of the artefacts. The exhibition also featured a Saxon-style tapestry created by Salisbury residents at our Big Draw event and students at St Michael’s School, Figheldean.

Venues for the road show included local libraries, museums and community centres. Read Angus Forshaw’s blog about the Tedworth House road show by clicking here.

The exhibition has now gone to Wiltshire Museum and will be on display with the Barrow Clump artefacts between 16 March and 28 April.

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