To give some site context for those who did not see last year's blogs, the whole site lies between the flags, but this year's focus is the area where the orange cones lie.

Return to Rousay II looking towards the mainland

The headland off in the distance is Mainland (the largest of the Orkney islands) and the little island between is Eynhallow. When the site was occupied, the Bay of Swandro as we see it now would not have existed.

Return to Rousay II Building

The Norse area was a little further back from the coast, but the buildings doubtless comprised robbed stone from the earlier structures currently under excavation, hence the discarded rubble and shillet (small stone flakes) left in the interior of this Iron Age structure close to the top of the mound.

The structure was also full of midden material - abandoned buildings were commonly being used as a place to dump rubbish .... but one Iron Age person's rubbish is an archaeologist's treasure trove!

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by Jackie McKinley