Wessex Archaeology has begun working with Mid Kent College to develop a series of lectures based upon the use of science in archaeology.
The aim of these lectures is to demonstrate to science students that the traditional image of scientists in stuffy white lab coats with clip boards doesn’t always hold true. Archaeological scientists of are often out there in the field carrying out data collection in the mud and the rain. To be fair there we have our fair share of lab coats and clip boards too!
In December 2011, the first lecture, by Project Manager Mark Williams, highlighted some of the ways that the sciences are routinely used in archaeology; the purpose of the lecture was to pave the way for future more specialised talks. The lecture series will continue through 2012.
If you require any information regarding these lectures please contact Mark Williams (m.williams@wessexarch.co.uk).

Forthcoming Talk

Mark Williams will be presenting the preliminary results of some of work undertaken by Wessex Archaeology over the past year in a lecture on Friday 20th January 2012. This is part of the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group’s programme of presentations. Find out more about this talk.