Wessex Archaeology was pleased to host a visit from colleagues from Japan this week.

Prof. Yoshio KIKUCHI (Professor in Archaeology, Fukushima University); Mr. KATAGIRI Chiaki (Senior Curator in Archaeology, Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum); Mr. OKAMURA Katsuyuki (Senior Archaeologist, Osaka City Cultural Properties Association); and Ms. NAKANISHI Yumiko (Archaeologist, Osaka Prefectural Board of Education) were over on a fact finding mission. Euan McNeill, Coastal & Marine and Andy Manning, Senior Manager in the terrestrial archaeology team gave them a tour and a series of presentations on what we do and how we do it in the UK. Thank-you to Yumiko Nakanishi for providing translation where needed. Thanks very much for the gifts guys, the tea has gone down very well. Have a great rest of your trip.
By Euan McNeill, Coastal & Marine