Dear reader, yes, we are. There are fragments of medieval pottery popping up, there are glimpses of structures that look promising. It is exciting, it is what we were all waiting for.

But we also need to be cautious and patient. The pottery fragments are medieval but are not from completely secure medieval layers; a very small section of a ‘stone structure’ has been revealed. We need to keep digging, keep checking levels, keep recording and keep asking questions. 

Archaeologist excavating industrial archaeology at Sheffield Castle Archaeologist recording industrial archaeology at Sheffield Castle

In addition to our ‘business as usual’: community outreach, volunteers and students on site, media interest, blogs, vlogs, digging, recording, processing, reporting…next week we will target the moat. The moat will be approached using a large digger machine, shoring and trowels. We are going 6 m down in the hope that we will reach the bottom of the ditch that once defended the castle. 

While you are waiting for the update on that exercise, see what we have for you this week.


Our tours as part of the Heritage Open Days are already fully booked, which will keep the excavation team busy over the next couple of weekends.

See you there.

Milica Rajic, Project Manager