On the evening of Thursday 1 February, Wessex Archaeology Geoservices director Louise Tizzard and senior marine geophysicist David Howell will be giving a joint talk to the Clifton Antiquarian Club in Bristol. 

The talk, entitled ‘Beneath the waves: investigating submerged landscapes of the southern North Sea’, aims to provide an introduction to marine prehistoric archaeology, and to the geophysical and geoarchaeological methods used to investigate submerged landscapes. The talk will include results from the aggregate extraction Area 240 project, alongside case studies from other projects, such as offshore wind farm development sites, undertaken by Wessex Archaeology.

Clifton Antiquarian Club was originally founded in 1884, although the current incarnation dates from 2006, and exists to ‘promote a better understanding of our archaeological heritage’. Further information can be found on their website.

By David Howell, Senior Marine Geophysicist

Presentation of submerged prehistory lecture