Salisbury Cathedral was recently the subject of an exciting Time Team investigation. Over three days the site of the original 13th century cathedral bell tower and the long-demolished 15th century Beauchamp Chapel were excavated.
The team uncovered new information about the construction of the cathedral, and learned more about those buried within the chapel.
The exhibition, which was created by Wessex Archaeology, will be opened by Phil Harding and runs from 1 May to 31 October 2009 in Salisbury Cathedral’s atmospheric medieval cloisters. It features artefacts, text and audio-visual material from the programme, which was first aired in February. Visitors will learn about what happens behind the scenes of Time Team, how they work with experts from Wessex Archaeology, and learn about Bishop Beauchamp, one of Salisbury’s most colourful bishops.
Phil, whose day job is with Wessex Archaeology, said: “To do a dig here was a once in a lifetime experience. What we found underlines what incredible engineers and geologists those original builders were.”