Welcome to Clare Jackson-Slater, the newest member of the team! Clare joins us as a Research and Reports Officer and will be based in the Sheffield office. 

Clare says:

"Hello, I’m Clare and I joined the Sheffield Wessex Archaeology team at the beginning of December 2021 as a Reports and Research Officer. I have worked in archaeology since 2011, when I worked for PCA in London as a site assistant. I have moved around a bit, moving to the PCA Cambridge office in 2014, then up to York in 2017 where I worked for York Archaeological Trust as a Project Officer. In March 2021 I became a Project Manager for YAT, however after a few months in the job I realised that I missed the post-excavation side of things and overseeing other people research and analyse sites was definitely not as fun or interesting as doing it myself. So, when this job was advertised it seemed too good an opportunity to miss! 

I love the post-Roman period and anything industrial – which has led to a side interest in medieval pottery. Outside of work I love being in the outdoors, especially hiking up the local hills, as well as frequenting the local bakeries, cafes, and pubs. A good walk always includes a pub visit. As I live close to York I am mainly working from home, however, I hope to spend at least a couple of days a month in the Sheffield Office and therefore get to meet and get to know people a bit!"

Welcome to the team, Clare!