Work undertaken by Wessex Archaeology will feature in a documentary entitled “Mystery of the Women on the HMS London” on BBC1’s The One Show this Friday at 7.00pm.
The documentary, presented by Dan Snow, explores the 17th century English warship, the HMS London lost in the Medway in 1655 as it sailed out to battle against the Dutch.  It appears there was a disastrous accident, which led to several tons of gunpowder exploding, sinking the ship.   The recent discovery of the remains of several females on the ship is a strange occurrence – what were these women doing in this usually male environment?
Wessex Archaeology carries out diving fieldwork on the London for English Heritage as part of the Protection of Wrecks Act contract.  The film offers the opportunity for you to see this amazing wreck, as the cameras follow our divers under water.
The item is scheduled for the 2nd of September on BBC1’s One Show at 7pm.