Wessex Archaeology Limited Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme (“The Scheme”) was established with effect from 1st January 1992.  On the 10th June 2014, 20-20 Trustee Services Limited of Registered Office, 6th Floor, Market Square House, St James’s Street, Nottingham NG1 6FG, were appointed by Wessex Archaeology Limited as Trustee to wind-up the Scheme.
20-20 Trustee Services Limited has corresponded by post with all known members of the Scheme.  Accordingly, it is of vital importance that any person having a claim against or an interest in the Scheme, including any person who may have been employed by the company or an associated employer on a part time basis and who considers that his or her exclusion from the Scheme may have constituted indirect discrimination, who has not received correspondence from us should make themselves known to the Trustees of the Scheme.
Particulars of any claim should be sent in writing to the under-mentioned contact on or before (Date 2 months from the date of the publication of the Notice), after which date 20-20 Trustee Services Limited, will proceed with the winding-up of the Scheme and distribution of the scheme assets having regard only to the claims and interests of which it has had notice.
Notification is not required from persons who are currently in receipt of a pension from the Scheme, or who have received correspondence relating to the Scheme from 20-20 Trustee Services Limited.
Victoria Spencer, 20-20 Trustee Services Limited, 6th Floor, Market Square House, St. James’s Street, Nottingham, NG1 6FG.