Wessex Archaeology’s Graphics Team attended a preview for the exciting new SeaCity Museum on Wednesday.  The museum, which showcases some of the city’s unique historic collections, opens on April 10th when visitors will be able to explore three exhibitions; ‘Southampton’s Titanic Story’, ‘Southampton, Gateway to the World’ and in the special exhibition gallery, ‘Titanic the Legend’







Wessex’s Senior Illustrator Karen Nichols has created five Computer Generated Images for the ‘Gateway to the World’ exhibition. The images are part of a timeline in the gallery which recounts the stories of the people who left from or arrived in the port of Southampton over the last 250,000 years.



There are exciting cutting-edge, interactive, displays alongside the artefacts and a visit is thoroughly recommended. 


Wessex Archaeology has a long association with Southampton. The most famous of our many excavations there is the one at St Mary’s Football Stadium, where the Anglo-Saxon gold brooches (on display in the gallery) were found.. The findings were published in 2005; The Origins of Mid-Saxon Southampton by Vaughan Birbeck with Roland J. C. Smith, Phil Andrews and Nick Stoodley.