Site Recording Training

On Saturday the 19 March members of the London & South East Team ran a workshop for the Cliffe at Hoo Historical Society on fieldwork recording in preparation for the society’s research excavation this summer. 
The session combined the experience of the staff at Wessex Archaeology and the enthusiasm and local expertise of the historical society. We began with an opening presentation on the importance of the site recording and an introduction to the methods and equipment that we use as professional archaeologists. This was followed by a series of work sheets with exercises to get the members thinking about how they would excavate and record certain features, for their own excavation. Practical demonstrations and exercises in composing photographs and site surveying using a dumpy level were also set up for the participants to try their hand at. 
We are looking forward to two more sessions working with the Cliffe at Hoo Society in April and May, continuing the programme in preparation for fieldwork later in the year!