From the ancient landscape of Stonehenge to the exposed cliffs of the Jurassic coastline, the UK’s cultural heritage is unique. It tells a story of human occupation and endeavour over thousands of years, and it allows us to understand more about where we have come from and how we might tackle the challenges ahead. Through heritage, we can learn about art, science and culture; the things that unite us and the things that set us apart.

It is one of the UK’s greatest assets; a unique selling point that draws millions of visitors each year, forges links with communities around the world and enhances our sense of wellbeing.

In 2018-19, recognising the many changes and the remarkable growth of the organisation and the industry over the past 40 years, we were prompted to discuss our future – the shape and direction of our organisation and the impact we want to have.

Early in the year we began work on a new strategic plan to lead the business into the next decade with an innovative, sustainable approach. Our three-pillared strategic plan provides the framework for achieving our vision and helping us to remain resilient and sustainable as a business during this period of relative political and economic uncertainty.

This year proved to be just as demanding as we expected, and this was reflected in our increase in turnover and growth in staff numbers. As planned, our spending increased as we invested into our internal systems and infrastructure, staff training and refreshed our charitable offering.

Education and community engagement have always been at the heart of our mission and our recent growth has allowed us to reinvigorate our team with new leadership and improved resources. Our plan to push the boundaries of our educational delivery is grounded in solid educational theory and driven with passionate enthusiasm, not just for heritage but for science, technology, literacy, art and culture too.

We can be proud of the work we have done this year to deliver an unparalleled range of integrated services and meaningful community legacies that we can be proud of, with the quality of our work recognised by clients, the public and archaeological sector colleagues alike.