From the ancient landscape of Stonehenge to the exposed cliffs of the Jurassic coastline, the UK’s cultural heritage is unique. It tells a story of human occupation and endeavour over thousands of years, and it allows us to understand more about where we have come from and how we might tackle the challenges ahead. Through heritage, we can learn about art, science and culture; the things that unite us and the things that set us apart.

It is one of the UK’s greatest assets; a unique selling point that draws millions of visitors each year, forges links with communities around the world and enhances our sense of wellbeing.

Our impact 2020-22

The past two years have been ones that we will all remember. Our world plunged into lockdown and uncertainty, creating opportunities for some but challenges, strain, and grief for others.

At Wessex Archaeology, we felt keenly the importance that human connection has for us all, and we wanted to engender moments of meaningful connection between people across the digital divide, using heritage as the stimulus. That’s why, throughout lockdown, we created an array of digital experiences, events and interactive content that allowed people to choose how and when to engage. Ranging from small group sessions for those suffering from wellbeing and mental health issues to our first LGBTQ publication in the form of an online comic book, we’ve broadened our offering to deliver connection for all – with the past and one another.

In our latest report, we explore social impact and the ways in which we have developed and delivered this through accessible, meaningful community engagement activity across digital platforms.


Our impact 2018-19