Wessex Archaeology Sheffield has been commissioned to undertake a historic landscape appraisal of the Grade I listed Barlborough Hall in East Derbyshire; that was built in 1583 and is attributed to the Elizabethan architect Robert Smythson.

The survey in the Registered Grade II Parkland has identified a variety of heritage assets throughout the former estate, including ponds, carriage drives, tree lined avenues and a previously undocumented medieval ridge and furrow field system. Curiously unlike many parks there are no known monuments within the landscape, although the discovery of an 18th century painting during the archive research appears to depict a lost obelisk the exact site is however unknown.

The landscape appraisal will be a valuable tool for informing any future development works within the wider parkland and historic garden, thus ensuring that informed decisions can be made at the planning stages of any project and allowing an appropriate mitigation strategy to be prepared.