Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by English Heritage (now Historic England) to undertake an Undesignated Site Assessment of the wreck site located at Gun Rock, Outer Farne Islands. WA worked with local BSAC branch (Tyneside 114), and to conduct a photographic, acoustic and measured survey of the site. Diving was conducted between 28 August to 5 September 2013. The results of the survey have been written up as Gun Rock Wreck, Farne Islands Undesignated Site Assessment Ref: 83803.12 November 2013.

This cast iron 8 pound cannon (WA Ref 6009) measures 2400 mm from muzzle to breech and is lying on its left side with right trunnion pointing up. The muzzle is quite deformed and it is possible that a blowout has occurred. This is a very worn and concreted cannon which means there are no astragals (rings) or cascabel visible. A small section of lead sheet (6022) was identified to the northeast of the cannon.

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