Standish, Gloucestershire by Wessex Archaeology

Standish, Gloucestershire Wessex Archaeology Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by Videotext Communications Ltd to carry out archaeological recording and post-excavation analysis on an archaeological evaluation by Channel 4’s ‘Time Team’ at New Moreton Farm, Standish, Gloucestershire (centred at NGR 380000 208900). Previous investigations indicated Iron Age and Romano-British activity on the site, and the aim of the evaluation was to gain a better understanding of the nature, date and duration of that activity, as well as of the condition and survival of the archaeological remains. The work was carried out from 24-27th August 2004.The site lies c. 20km west of the Dubonnic oppidum at Bagendon, and 2km west of the Iron Age hillfort at Haresfield Beacon. It is close to the Roman administrative centre of Cirencester, and just 10km south-west of the Roman legionary fortress at Gloucester. The Roman road between Gloucester and Sea Mills lies some 2km west of the site.