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At Wessex Archaeology, we believe that archaeology can be an exciting stimulus to discover a range of subjects, including science and technology.

Read on to find out more about how our Community and Education team support STEM learning…

Big Bang Fair events

Wessex Archaeology has an established history of attending dedicated STEM events, such as the Big Bang fairs. These events enable local young people to take part in activities from STEM organisations and are vital in encouraging young people to pursue the study of subjects which can lead to careers in STEM.

Our hands-on activities, each lasting about fifteen minutes, were designed by our STEM ambassadors to provide a STEM learning experience. One such activity, ‘chocolate geology’, involved using different edible ingredients to create layers of stratigraphy, helping participants to understand the concept of geoarchaeology.

In 2019, Wessex Archaeology attended 8 UK fairs all over the country, with a total of over 6000 young people taking part in our activities and learning more about archaeology and its relationship with STEM.

STEM Ambassadors

Our dedicated team of STEM ambassadors, who are drawn from departments across Wessex Archaeology, represent the exciting and varied range of career options within STEM. They positively impact young people by helping them to understand the real word applications of their learning, and by showcasing different possible careers.

Wessex Archaeology STEM Ambassadors Wessex Archaeology STEM Ambassadors