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Geoarchaeology & Environmental

I joined Wessex Archaeology in 2016 as a Senior Geoarchaeologist. My responsibilities are wide-ranging from designing and coordinating geoarchaeological projects through to preparing  client reports and disseminating results by  publication. I possess a broad skill set, specialising in pollen analysis, and have an in-depth understanding of the geomorphological, sedimentological and formation processes occurring within a diverse range of contexts on sites in terrestrial, intertidal, coastal and marine palaeolandscapes.

I am motivated to produce high-quality outputs for clients that demonstrate the strength of expertise within the Geoservices Team and the central role geoarchaeology plays in knowledge creation within the archaeological discipline.

Outside of work I contribute to numerous research projects, currently including projects based in the Baltic, Venice, Spain and Mauritius. These reflect my long-standing interest in medieval Europe and the ecological impact of conquest and colonisation. I am also an avid reader of archaeology, world history, astronomy and science fiction.