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Wessex Archaeology
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Bonnington Bond
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Manager Key staff Coastal & Marine

I joined Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine Division in 2010 as part of the newly-opened Edinburgh Office which I have helped to develop and expand. As a Senior Project Manager, I coordinate and deliver a wide range of archaeological and cultural heritage services associated with planning in the marine environment for coastal and marine development. I lead on the provision of services for marine interconnector cables and also have substantial experience of Offshore Wind, Marine Aggregates, Wave & Tidal and Ports & Harbours sectors across the British Isles.

I am motivated by a desire to deliver elegant solutions to technically and archaeologically challenging projects, whether they be onshore or offshore and am a leading specialist in early prehistoric palaeogeography and submerged palaeolandscapes. I am also an active researcher, publishing widely on the UK and Mediterranean Europe.

Outside of work I enjoy exploring the countryside and doing archaeology for fun.