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Wessex Archaeology
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Geoarchaeology & Environmental

As part of Wessex Archaeology’s Geoarchaeological Team, I provide assessments of Quaternary deposits using Desk-based Assessments, prepare evaluation and mitigation strategies, and manage specialist post-excavation analysis and the production of high quality reports. 

I am an international expert in terrestrial and intertidal Pleistocene geoarchaeology and Palaeolithic archaeology, and have played a key role in developing and carrying out methodologies designed to investigate the geoarchaeological processes associated with this period.

I am motivated by a desire to provide solutions to the challenges posed by complex geoarchaeological processes associated with the Pleistocene period and a desire to use the snap shots of information recovered to understand the behavioural evolution of our earliest ancestors.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, entertaining my six-year-old daughter and seeking peace on our allotment.