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Head Office
Wessex Archaeology
Portway House
Old Sarum Park


Research Specialist

I started working for Wessex Archaeology in April 2019 as a Senior Research Officer. Based in the Edinburgh office, with regular visits to the Salisbury office, I work on the post-excavation reporting of our projects, most recently the Army Basing Programme’s Larkhill excavations.

Before entering the field of archaeology, I spent 13 years working for a large international bank, as a Project and then Product Manager working around Africa, the Middle East and Asia, before going to study Archaeology at the University of Leicester. This was followed by an MA Landscape Archaeology at the University of Sheffield and a PhD at the University of Leicester. My research has focused on the later Prehistory of central southern Britain, with reference to how changes in the structure of the built landscape can inform on practises of communal interaction. I have also published on the social processes inherent in the transition between the Bronze and Iron Ages.

As a Research Assistant with Historic England, I worked on the Stonehenge WHS Southern Survey and Fieldscapes project before managing excavations at English Heritage’s Marble Hill House in West London. I have several years’ experience working in commercial archaeology spent between different companies in England and Scotland. I am the current Reviews Editor for the Royal Archaeological Institute’s Archaeological Journal and am regularly looking for experts to review new books.

Outside of archaeology, I am kept busy by my two children but enjoy creating history- and archaeology-based games and have started producing a cartoon, called ‘Pitted Histories’, to explore alternative means of teaching. I am also fascinated by puzzle solving of all types.