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I joined Wessex Archaeology in 2023 as Principal Marine Geoscientist, specialising in palaeolandscapes of our offshore areas. My role is to integrate geophysical, geotechnical, sedimentological, and hydrographic data to identify preserved geomorphology and palaeoenvironments, which reveals preserved past landscapes, and collaborate with industry, academia, indigenous peoples, heritage, and other stakeholders to disseminate the importance of these results.

These palaeolandscapes contain important keys to both our human past and our planet’s future -  the cultural heritage that may be preserved offshore, the use of our shallow continental shelves for renewable energy projects, the analogues for future landscape evolution that may occur under rapid future climate change.

I have a broad background in geology, having worked in structural geology and geomechanics in the past, but now taking a focus on the geology of the Quaternary period, a time of ice that waxed and waned, sea levels that rose and fell, and landscapes appearing and being inundated. I completed my PhD on the vast and fascinating Dogger Bank windfarm site investigation data, and have numerous years’ industry experience creating in ground modelling for offshore wind projects.

When not wandering palaeolandscapes in my mind, I can usually be found wandering our present landscapes, exploring them through climbing, mountain biking, observing ecology, nature writing, and amateur philosophising on the connections between people and place.