Wessex Archaeology
Unit R6
Sheaf Bank Business Park
Prospect Road
S2 3EN


Research Specialist

My current role in the Sheffield office is the management and reporting of post-excavation projects, particularly the Hornsea One Offshore Wind Farm monograph publication, but across a range of publications and grey literature.

I come from a background in fieldwork, including at Sheffield Castle, and have also led archiving programmes. I’m passionate about the industrial archaeology of Sheffield and have experience covering a wide range of periods, including the Iron Age and Romano-British period.

Archaeology is powerful and it is thrilling to work in that moment of interpretation when surprising insights into the past can be revealed. My job is highly collaborative and relies on the input of specialists, illustrators, field teams, clients, curators and many others. I take pride in the quality of my prose.

Outside of work I play the drums and go hillwalking.