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Wessex Archaeology
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The Studio

I joined Wessex Archaeology as an Illustrator in April 2022. My work involves using different software to create a range of graphic outputs and illustrations, principally for client reports, as well as using hand drawing and photography for the same.

I originally left the University of St Andrews with an English degree under my belt; however, after developing an interest in Old English texts and the Anglo-Saxon period during my final years of study, I spent the years after graduating sidewinding my way into Archaeology. I attended a few field schools and did volunteering before ultimately finding a role working as field staff in Oxfordshire. I did this for a year before coming to work for Wessex Archaeology as a part of the Studio team. I have always had an artistic side, and I feel very thankful that I am able to explore and nourish this within my career.

I am interested in presenting heritage to wide audiences and increasing its levels of engagement. I worked in an excellent school for a couple of years prior to becoming an archaeologist, and I definitely know the power and value of quality educational experiences.

In my spare time I like to get outdoors and see new places, even if that only means going five minutes down the road to some previously overlooked hill. I also enjoy reading and playing video games, particularly those that have a good story to tell.