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Wessex Archaeology
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Inclusion, Community & Education

I joined Wessex Archaeology in 2014 as an Archives Intern, with a background in film and literature and a passion for museum collections, commercial archaeology opened up the tantalising world of heritage. From there I moved into the field and felt the exhilarating rush of excavating artefacts first-hand. I went onto supervise excavations in urban and rural settings and found a soft spot for the hard world of Industrial archaeology.

In my role as a Content Officer, I unearth the narrative from our fieldwork excavations so that no matter the end product, whether it’s a talk, webinar or even film, we can engage new audiences and bring the past to life. Capitalising on my interdisciplinary background, you can find me in front and behind the camera; I provide voice over and character narration, write, direct and present.

I’m mesmerised by the power of stories and when I’m not luring you down the archaeological rabbit-hole, you can find me reading about the visceral world of folk-horror and trying to stroke cats that aren’t mine.