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Wessex Archaeology
Unit R6
Sheaf Bank Business Park
Prospect Road
S2 3EN


Research Specialist

As Lead Archivist, I am responsible for overseeing the team in the management, preparation and deposition of the physical and digital archives generated through archaeological fieldwork. The archives team includes staff from several regional offices and undertakes: museum liaison, transfer of title, creation/implementation of Selection Strategies/Data Management Plans, scanning and collating of paperwork and digital data, metadata creation for all digital archive files, boxing up of artefacts/ecofacts for deposition with museums and depositing project data with OASIS and the ADS archive.

I have been working in the Wessex Archaeology research team in Sheffield since 2013, specifically with finds and archives. Prior to that I enjoyed a variety of fieldwork positions both in the UK and abroad, starting out at Whitby Abbey back in 1999. I am motivated by a long-standing love of archaeology, and ensuring that the archives we generate are made accessible to as many people as possible. I also input into a number of external committees including the CIfA Archaeological Archives, and Information Management special interest groups, and the OASIS Management Board. 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the cinema, visiting museums, reading, playing video games, and decorating large novelty cakes!