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Wessex Archaeology
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Director Fieldwork Archaeology

I joined Wessex Archaeology in 2015 to lead a large evaluation project in Suffolk and was quickly promoted to Project Manager based in our Sheffield office. Before joining Wessex Archaeology, I worked on various archaeological projects in both continental Europe and Ireland, as a fieldwork supervisor and later as a post-excavation manager.

I am committed to Wessex Archaeology’s charitable aims to promote education in science, the arts, culture and heritage. I have been involved in numerous community projects both inside and outside of work, from community led excavations and co-ordinating volunteers on site, to art student decorating hoardings and play productions for tiny tots. I have also managed and co-ordinated several open day events.

I am a keen believer in the power of digital media to inform and engage people with their heritage. I regularly write news copy for the website and I have presented several vlogs and project videos which can be found on the Wessex Archaeology YouTube channel here.

Taking a leaf out of Phil Harding’s book, I recently appeared on the TV as an archaeologist for a Channel 4 pilot programme called “The Great British Dig”.  I strongly believe that this form of engagement is essential to raise awareness of archaeology and heritage.

Besides managing archaeological sites and excavations I am also heavily involved in our Heritage Interpretation work. These projects are highly satisfying as they often provide an opportunity to reach audiences that doesn’t usually engage with heritage. I enjoy creating innovative bespoke solutions for clients, and every one of these projects sets new challenges!

I am motivated by curiosity - which is only dangerous if you are a cat! - and enjoy working as part of a team.