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Wessex Archaeology
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Executive Management

In my current role, as Chief Strategy Officer, my primary responsibility is the collaborative development of our vision and strategy, overseeing strategic planning, management and delivery, whilst supporting Wessex Archaeology’s Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team.  In this role, I am committed to being a driving force in delivering on our pledge to be a ‘net zero’ company, and not only realising but expanding our social impact in line with our charitable aims.

I am a keen believer in creating innovative solutions, and throughout my three decades in professional archaeology, I have led and delivered projects of all types and scales across the UK and abroad.  My creative approach has not only enhanced our understanding of the past, it has also helped the archaeology profession to contribute to a wide variety of sectors in new, engaging, and profitable ways.

Since joining Wessex Archaeology in 2015 I have worked as a Project Manager and an Infrastructure Director leading some of our largest and most high-profile projects across the renewable energy and transport sectors, working directly with major clients to deliver safe, timely and efficient solutions to the highest possible standard. 

Previous projects I have delivered have benefitted from this creative approach, from both a commercial standpoint and also improving the public's engagement with their heritage.  This includes one of my publications, 'Hollis Croft: A Matter of Time' - a comic book, delivered in partnership with Internet Archaeology, which is an original way of presenting, archiving, and storytelling archaeology in a more accessible way.

I am motivated by teamwork and curiosity (which is surely only dangerous if you are a cat) and I spend my spare time reading comics and grappling with the fact that my two parrots are indisputably more knowledgeable than me.