Abingdon Abbey teacher pack contains activities and suggestions to complement the teaching of Local History at KS2 and KS3. It was funded by The Lost Abbey of Abingdon Project and developed by Wessex Archaeology.


Curriculum links at KS2

This teacher pack is designed to support NationalCurriculum history units 4: Historical enquiry, 7: Local history and 10: Britainand the wider world in Tudor times.


Curriculum links at KS3

Components of the pack will also support National Curriculum history units 4: Historical enquiry and 8: Britain1500 – 1750. In addition, this teaching pack can be used to explore themes within citizenship and geography, and can be an interesting stimulus for literacy or art.


Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain an understanding of the longhistory of Abingdon Abbey
  • Students will explore life in an abbey and compareit to their own lives
  • Students will use archaeological evidence to drawconclusions about abbey life
  • Students will compare Abingdon today to Abingdon in the past
  • Students will discuss how historical eventsaffected Abingdon


About the Lost Abbey of Abingdon Project

The Lost Abbey of Abingdon project was created to raise awareness about Abingdon Abbey and its historical importance during medieval times. The project involved creating a Heritage Trail for the surviving medieval buildings, a time line, a booklet about the abbey and an education pack. Local volunteer historians completed the majority of the work. In addition to a very generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Abingdon Joint Environmental Trust and the Vale of White Horse District Council also contributed to the project.