The South Dorset Ridgeway is unique. Within the 14 square miles of this beautiful stretch of country are at least 500 archaeological monuments, nearly all of them several thousand years old. This pack has been produced to make it easier for teachers and their pupils to understand and appreciate the area where they live and work.

Contents of the pack

The Prehistoric Ridgeway These pages give information about the earlier history of the Ridgeway, particularly from about 4000 BC to 700 BC. They look at earthworks like causewayed enclosures , barrows and henges.

The Iron Age and Roman Period This section covers the period from 700 BC to AD 410 and looks at hill forts and the Roman legacy.

From the Saxons to the Present Day These pages consider the last 1,000 years and also look at agriculture and transport in the area.

Virtual Tour of the Ridgeway This makes use of Google Earth and your classroom whiteboard to allow your pupils to make a virtual journey along the Ridgeway, highlighting key points along the way.

The Glossary Explains some of the words used in the pack (italicised)  which might not be familiar to teachers and pupils.


Teacher's Pack