Wessex Archaeology’s Studio has its own 3D printer and the skills to both create and prepare digital models for 3D printing. We also have in-house model finishing skills to enhance prints to create realistic replica artefacts and models. 

We can print models of sites, archaeological features or artefacts in 3D in a range of single or multi-coloured materials to provide realistic replicas of real finds. 

Replica 3D prints make ideal handling collections of objects that would otherwise not be accessible to the public due either to their intrinsic value, or more often because of their highly fragile state. Increasing accessibility by allowing people to feel heritage objects rather than just see them, providing a far more memorable heritage experience.

Heritage Interpretation - Medieval skull 3D poly print Heritage Interpretation - 3D printing Heritage Interpretation - Saxon workbox metal 3D print

Our illustrators create 3D replicas which are as accurate as possible and match the original object, while ensuring they are robust enough for their intended use. Objects can be created either as exact replicas, or versions of the object as they would have been before they became degraded by time or damaged. We can use our expert knowledge to undertake virtual repairs to fill in missing elements of finds. 

Digital 3D models of artefacts created for the printing process can also be used as interactive online displays to increase access to collections.


Find out more about our Heritage Interpretation Services here.

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