Wessex Archaeology has a team of illustrators who produce reconstructions and visualisations. From traditional watercolour or digital painting to 3D models and Virtual Reality, we can help.

Reconstruction of Roman Dorchester Reconstruction of a medieval manor house complex Reconstruction of 19th century mill complex with boat and windmill

Bringing archaeology to life

We can create urban and rural scenes depicting people and their surroundings throughout history, brought to life through cgi animation, artefact models, 3D printing, and high quality images for exhibitions and publications.

Reconstruction of a mesolithic camp site Reconstruction of a Bronze Age enclosure with house

3D models are created using photogrammetry or (like the example below) from accurate measurements and carefully crafted texture maps. Artefact modelling can include virtual repairs to show objects in their original state.


Building reconstructions

Environment visualisations

Artefact photogrammetry

3D print ready files and production

3D fly-throughs

3D artefact modelling and virtual repair


Karen Nichols

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